Singapore Visit for Euan

Euan had a very interesting and productive visit to Singapore as part of a ScotChem group visiting National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and the A*STAR national laboratory. It was great opportunity to make new friends and contacts, and establish links between Scottish Chemistry Departments and those in Singapore.

Check out that “wee” cleanroom at A*STAR – what fantastic facilities!

Just a wee cleanroom at A*STAR

Scotchem and NTU researchers

Thanks to Neil Robertson from Edinburgh and all the local hosts for doing all the hard work organizing a great trip.

Several group comings and goings…

A (very) belated “welcome to the group” to Dr Marta Diez-Castellnou – who joined us in March after winning a Clarin-Cofund Postdoctoral Fellowship. And also to Marlena Bela – a Masters student from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, who has been with us since the start of April on an ERASMUS-funded visit.

Both have settled in so quickly that they are already making excellent contributions to our science and group dynamic…although that’s a poor excuse for me forgetting to post a welcome message!

Sadly, we now have to say “goodbye” to Lina, after 2 years with us already. How time flies. Lina, you will be sorely missed both scientifically and socially around the group, so we are glad you will be around in St Andrews for some time yet!

Finally, we also say thanks to our honours project students Tang and Daniel, who submitted their theses recently. Thanks for your hard work and good luck in the exams!

Postgraduate Symposium 2017

Edward, Guillaume (posters) and Nicolas (talk) all gave great presentations at the annual St Andrews Postgraduate symposium on 5–6 December.

Particular congratulations to Nicolas on winning one of the runners-up prizes for his talk Complementary Dynamic Covalent Nanoparticle Building Blocks. Well deserved!

Our three representatives in 2017: Edward, Nicolas and Guillaume

Oral presentations runners up: Stefania Musolino (Taylor & Smith groups), Nicolas, and Samantha Russell (Morris group)

To re-live all the excitement, check out #StAPGDays on Twitter!

Summer Activities – A Belated Update

It appears the dog days of summer in St Andrews (!!) have had a negative impact on the pace of website updates.

In late June, we were very happy to welcome James Findlay from the Crowley group at University of Otago to the lab for two weeks. Working with Nicolas, James brought some of the Crowley group’s cool ferrocene-based molecular switches to the lab. We hope to tell you about some exciting results soon!

It was also great to host James’s supervisor – and Euan’s ex-colleague from Edinburgh days – James (yes it was confusing) for a couple of days. James (Crowley) gave a great lecture and found some time to re-acquaint himself with some fine Scottish produce.

Enjoying a few beers with James and James.

Euan was very pleased to give a talk at Steve Goldup and Jon Kitchen’s Supramolecular Syposiusm (unofficially #GoldupSupra) in Southampton in July.

It was a great day of mostly unpublished science, meeting up with old friends, and making some new ones…see here for the full line-up.

Thanks Steve and Jon for the great day…and the photo.

Southampton Supramolecular Meeting – 7 July 2017